How to create positive social experiences at a nursing home – 4 great techniques

Creating a positive fun environment is crucial

Nursing homes also referred to as skilled nursing facilities are institutions that care for the elderly. People who don’t need to be in a hospital but cannot be cared for at home. Some of the services they offer are; speech-language, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. In addition, they offer medical attention and other services that sustain the welfare of the elderly people. An environment such as a nursing home is a sensitive setting given that all the elderly people in the nursing homes are people from all walks of life. Some are sick from depression and frustration, some have got no families, some are bankrupt, some are mentally sick etc. So, as a nurse, doctor or a service provider at a nursing home one should act in the best interest of the elderly and in a capacity to create positive experiences and vibrations in these peoples’ lives. Here are some of the ways too create positive experiences in a nursing home;

Understand the environment setting

Clearly, you have to understand the kind of people in the facility. These are people who have seen and experienced almost every aspect of life. These are people who need a peace of mind. Some are desperate and others agonizing from frustration, failure, and regrets. These are people who should be handled with care and hence, as a service provider, one should study them, understand their state and stage of life and treat them as they are. They should be treated with care and respect.

Build a positive rapport

Try to build a positive long-term relationship with them. This can easily be achieved through; understanding them, respecting them, paying attention to their demands, listening to what they have to say, and appreciating them for every milestone they make no matter how minute it may be. These are some of the few ways of building bridges of rapport. Now, it might be difficult to find enough time to interact with them but through constant engagement, a lot can be achieved. Consistent smiling is always a good start.

Be humble & kind

The elderly are people older than your friends, relatives and family members. They deserve to be treated with respect. So, as a service provider, be it a nurse, doctor or anyone else’ use kind words such as; “Please”, “Thank-you”, “Kindly”, “May I” among others. These are words that respect and submission. Submit to their demands. Acts of kindness such as; appreciating them, and celebrating their achievements promote positive social experiences.


Through inspiration and motivation, many people achieve their dreams and life goals. So, try to motivate and encourage them. Show them love and how beautiful life is with them in it. Show them how important they mean to the world. These acts of mentorship create positive experiences that prompt struggle and discourage despair.

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