8 Fun Board and Card Games to Have at Your Senior Center

Fight boredom and get some other entertainment besides TV

Are you worried the seniors at your senior center are getting bored?

Do you want some fun games for them to interact with and enjoy? Here are some of the best, as recommended by GetGamesGo.

Here are 8 Board Games and Card Games that your seniors will enjoy!


You could also print your own score cards online and use the rules found here:

Go Fish

Go Fish is a great way to help clients stay social and communicate with each other. The card game helps them keep their minds focused, and it is a simple way to help seniors have some fun.

You can use special go-fish cards or a classic deck to play this with groups of 2-6. This is also a great game to play with the grandchildren when they visit!


Scrabble requires some critical thinking that will help stimulate the brain. Seniors can create simple and complex words, and learn new vocabulary in the process. This board game is popular for seniors who enjoy word searches and crossword puzzles in the daily newspapers.

The Scrabble Tile Lock board is very helpful for shaky hands: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tile-Lock-Scrabble/33359292


In this board game, the players match tiles by shape or color. Similar to Uno or dominoes, the game is fun and easy to play. Seniors will enjoy recognizing patterns, plan their next move, and attempt to get rid of all their tiles.

Spot It

This fun matching game can be played in a variety of ways. Seniors can play this game in groups or individually, and the grandkids can join in the fun as well!

Skip Bo

This card game is a mix of matching color and counting up to 12. The objective is simply to get rid of all the cards, and it is fun for all ages. If you have a SkipBo card, you can place it on whatever deck you need to get rid of more cards!

Low vision Cards

For seniors with visual impairments, this classic deck of card are large and have bold print.

Ticket To Ride

This board game is similar to Monopoly but uses replica maps of real countries to claim trade routes and connect your cities to each other. The real-life locations can inspire nostalgia of “the good times” and fun adventures from the past.